Lady Norman

BeBe Norman Kit


BeBe Norman is available through our friends at where you can also find more information on this model.

Love the looks of Gia-Norman but no space to carry a 84” airplane to the field? We got you covered with the 27” depron foam BeBe Norman. This little guy flys much like his big brother, just without ailerons. By looking at BeBe Norman, you can tell, he is not an Extra , an Edge or even a Cessna. As such, he doesn’t fly like one! How does he fly? Well, lets just say he does, and he does pretty darn well. Put 5-10 of these in the air at once, and I dare you to not giggle like a bunch of school girls.


Parts Required:

  • 85 watt outrunner
  • 15amp ESC
  • 2 - 9g servos
  • 4 channel receiver