Gia-Norman Kit

Winner of Best New Product SEFF 2014


+$17.00 S&H

Special Considerations:

Before placing an order for your very own Gia-Norman be sure to email Laine. He is a little too attached to this model and likes to be sure he is sending it to a good home. The actual purpose of the email is to be sure we have a model in stock to ship to you. If we do not we will let you know and make arrangements to begin cutting your kit.

Pronounced like a combination of “Giant” and “Norman” , this big beast will always make you smile. At a whopping 84” wingspan, I can almost guarantee this will be the largest flying cow at your field. Gia-Norman flys much like he looks, slightly animated. Don’t build this kit expecting to do a precision 3D routine, because , well, because it’s a giant cow! Gia-Norman, with a suitable power system, is capable of loops, stall turns and a few other “cow-batics” He flys at the speed of smell, lands like a big plane should and with his 3 piece wing, 2 piece fuselage and optional removable tail surfaces Gia-Norman can fit in a smaller space than you would imagine. Build him with internal LED’s, add a bomb drop to the build, and put a programmable bull horn inside of him and everyone will be “udderly” amazed to see him take to the air. Believe me, everything stops when people see Gia-Norman taxi to the runway to take off.


Build Time:

This kit is only more difficult to build than any other kit on the site because it is bigger. Build time will vary based on how bad you want it done. If you feel the need to take The Team Cobra Challenge on this model try to have it in the air in 3 weeks or less. The clock starts the moment it is delivered to your home, and there are no excuses allowed. Good luck, you're going to need it.

Power System:

The scientifically measured, proper amount of power for Gia-Norman is exactly a lot. Something like 3000 watts seems a good place to start.