R.C Pixel
R.C. Pixel

R.C. Pixel


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This product is not supplied by Laine'sPlanes. Your order is placed through our website directly to our buddy Hardik Patel. If you have questions or concerns regarding your order please contact Hardik via e-mail at: rcpixels@hardikbpatel.com.

This board is the next generation of innovation for the R/C market, featuring 6 channels to control addressable RGB LEDs for amazing light shows all controllable via your existing RC remote. It comes in a 27x30mm package and an ultra thin lightweight board weighing in at only 4.8g. Order now as quantity's are limited.

Use the Adafruit Neopixel or FastLED libraries to create the perfect lighting sequences for your RC vehicle.



  • 6 outputs for WS2812 LED strips
  • 1 RC input for switching lighting modes/patterns with your RC transmitter switches
  • Size: 27x30mm (not including capacitor)
  • Weight: 4.8grams
  • FTDI headers for programming
  • 2x 3mm mounting holes
  • Boards will NOT come pre-soldered with headers unless you request otherwise