Sport Fury

Sport Fury Kit


+$7.50 S&H

The Sport Fury is a fun, fast flying laser cut flying wing. Unbox it, heat up your hot glue gun, and you can have it in the air in under 2 hours. Designed to build fast, fly quick, turn on a dime and be just downright fun.

Make sure you trace it out on a spare piece of foam board before you build it, or, buy two! I wont complain


Parts Included:

  • Laser cut outrunner motor mount
  • Laser cut control horns
  • Laser cut servo mounts
  • Dubro 2/56 Kwik Link control rods

Parts Required:

  • Motor, ESC, and Battery (Laine went with an 1800kv, 3s 2200 mAh, setup on the original)
  • 2 servos (9g - 17g, The holes are cut to fit an Emax ES08MA 12g servo perfectly))
  • Radio with delta mixing
  • 4 channel receiver
  • Hot glue
  • Packaging tape

Build time:

At the moment, build time will be based on your experience with DTF and your ability to solve puzzles. We do not have a manual or building guide for this plane at this time. Most of the build is pretty straight forward (Laine can do it, so...) but if you get lost along the way, or prefer to have someone hold your hand, we have plans to post some kind of instruction very soon.

The C.G. is CG 6.75" -7.1" from the nose.

Power Systems:

35-50g 1800kv - 2400kv outrunner, 5-6" prop, 3S 1800 - 2500mah lipo.