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Ultimate Tool Organizer



137 multi sized holes to fit your tools, glues, epoxies, drill bits, allen wrenches, Twizzlers, and Cuban cigars.  The CA holes will easily hold any brand of 2 oz CA I have run accross.   It also has 5 different sized "cubbies" for anything from CA tips, or screws to a potted cactus.  But wait!  Theres more!  on the bottom are two drawers for you to hide your favorite pink Sharpie in!  I guess you could put other things in there too, but mainly your pink Sharpie.

This beast is laser cut from 1/4" MDF.  It is 20" wide, 12" tall, and 16" deep.  The drawers each measure 8.75" x 10" and are 1.75" deep.

If you want this specialized to your needs, we can custom make the holes in the three top shelves to your specifications for an extra $15.  All you have to do is ask!

As with everything on our site, shipping is FREE anywhere CONUS.  Lucky for you, because this kit is heavy!

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