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Soldering Caddy



This is the Laines Planes Solder Caddy.  If you have a hard time finding your solder, soldering "stuff" or maybe even your small rolls of electrical wire, this will solve all your worldly problems. Seriously!  Buying one makes your car faster, makes the lawn get mowed automatically, makes your kids get better grades and even makes you lose 10lbs!

It will hold two 2" wide rolls of solder or electrical wire. Or you can put on multiple smaller rolls. It has a drawer on it that will hold your flux, your tips, or a pack of gummy bears (dont ask how I know that).  It even has little hooks on each side. I dont know what they are for, but I figure you'll find something to put there.

Outside dimensions are 4.5" wide, 5" deep and 6.25" tall. The built in drawer inside dimensions are 3.5" wide, 2.75" deep and 1.5" tall.

(Laines Planes is not responsible for your car being slower, your lawn not getting mowed, your kids failing classes and you gaining 10lbs instead)

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