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Covering Rack



Slap a Laines Planes Covering Rack on the wall above your work surface or sit it on the back of your bench and you will always know where your rolls of Ultracote and Monokote are at. We even provided you with screw holes to hang it up with for no extra charge! But wait! There's more! You can screw it to the wall, you can screw it to the bench top, you can screw it to the roof of your car or you can let it sit free standing any place your little heart desires.  Quite nice to have a couple around so you can actually see all your rolls of covering material.

Comes with slots for 5 rolls of covering up to 26.25" wide. We also include these neat little laser cut doohickeys that will keep your rolls centered on the dowels. Slip the doohickeys (yes that's a technical term) onto 5/16" wooden dowels, slide your rolls of covering on and your in business. You can even store your razor blades on the bottom shelf so you don't have to search for them, maybe add a band aide or two for when you slice your finger tips.

Overall dimensions are 26.75" wide, 11.5" tall and 5" depth.

NOTE: 5/16" DOWELS ARE NOT INCLUDED. You can pick them up at Lowes, Home Depot etc. for less than $1 each. Shipping them would be expensive and a pain in the tail. 

NOTE: Please check the width of your covering rolls before ordering.

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