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Airplane Hanger



Thes simple little devices are perfect for putting your planes on the wall and out of your way.  I personally have over a dozen of them on my shop wall loaded with airplanes.  You can hang your larger ones from the tail or your smaller ones by the wing. 

These will work for many different aircraft.  For example, my Sig 4 Star 64 hangs by the tail in one very nicely as does my 1/4 scale Cub and my 78" Extra.  We dont include any padding but you might want to put a little foam strip to protect your pride and joy while it hangs.  Not so much a problem with balsa, but it can leave a mark on the tail of a foam plane (look at my Carbon Cub sometime for an example).  If you want a little padding, grab a roll of weather stripping from your local hardware store or steal it from your neighbors windows (he wont mind Im sure).

These measure 11" wide and 12" tall

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