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Snazzy XL Tool Organizer w/Drawers



The XL tool organizer is awesome.   Designed with the RC airplane builder in mind. With a relatively small footprint, it puts all your tools right where you need them.  Only problem is that it is 3.5" taller than the normal one so i cant reach the tools on the top shelf. 

The XL is, well, "XL", to stop your taller tools from bottoming out on your work surface.  Plus it has a set of drawers under your glue and drill bit area for you to put things in and never be able to find them again.

It will hold all 3 common sizes of CA bottles, 2 epoxy bottles, kicker and debonder.

The second level under the tools has the same sized holes to keep everything upright and easy to locate. There are no holes beneath the glue and drill bit area to keep the glues where you want them and to stop those tiny little bugger drill bits from falling through.

Dimensions: 14.5" x 6.25" 9" Tall

This SNAZZY XL Organizer is made from a beautiful maple veneer MDF and is sanded to perfection.

If you would like a custom made XLorganizer to hold your random stuff for some other hobby (who can afford another hobby?), let us know and we can work together to design your perfect solution.

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