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Extended Description

Gia-Norman  (Giant Norman)

What Gia-Norman lacks in precision he makes up for in personality.  While cruising along at the speed of smell he is an absolute blast to fly.  Add a big old cow bell to the front,  give him a “face” and no one will walk past without taking a picture or asking questions.  Im confident he will be the only airplane at your field that can use wheels and tires off a Power Wheels Jeep!

Gia-Norman is a pretty simple, straight forward all laser cut kit.  All CAD work was done by our resident Team Engineer, Joel Dirnberger

3 piece wing with an 84” wingspan
2 piece fuselage
12-18lbs depending on power system and wheel selection
Ailerons, elevator, rudder, Throttle

Required to build:
55 gallons (not really) of Titebond II wood glue or Medium and Thin CA.
11 meters of covering
5 standard size metal gear servos (HS645MGs work fine)
Axle (we use the orange fiberglass driveway reflector rods from Home Depot/Lowes)
Wheels.  We like how the power wheels tire and wheels look, but at 4.9lbs you may want something lighter.

Suggested Power System:
Eflite Power 110 on 8S 5000 with a 19x10 prop seems to be a perfect power setup.
Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 120/ Castle Creations 10A or 20A BEC

We will be offering a laser cut EPP foam wheel kit for this big beast soon.  If ya just GOTTA have the foam wheels, let me know and I will speed up development.

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