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Nifty Norman



Extended Description

Normal 3ch Norman is a hoot to fly, but add a flat wing and ailerons and now you have a Nifty Norman!  Nifty Norman can loop and roll and he honestly flys exceptionally well upside down!  The ailerons add just a touch more control for those windy days.   So, get your buddies to buy one also and you can do some "Normation" flying.   Paint him like a cow, a warbird, or leave him alone and tell folks that he is "Arctic Cammo".  Add a few LEDs and Norman really shines at night!  (see what I did there)

The 49" wing is cut on our CNC hotwire.  The built up EPP fuselage, tail section and wheel kit are all laser cut from EPP sheets.  There are a few 1/8" laser cut plywood assemblies also.  Norman can be painted with any kind of paint.  Yes, regular old Krylon spray paint is fine on EPP.

Norman builds in 2-4 hours, unless you move like a three toed tree sloth, then it takes 6-8 weeks.  Build him using hot glue (and a bit of wood glue).


Hotwire cut hollow wing.
Carbon fiber wing spar.
All laser cut EPP and plywood parts.
EPP wheel kit.
Carbon Axle
Sullivan Gold-n-Rod control rods
Kwik link control rod ends
Laser cut control horns

Recomended Electronics:

Power Up 480 or "10" size motor 1000-1300 kv
2 Power Up 17G MG servos (Rudder/Elevator)
2 Power Up 12-17G servos (Ailerons)
APC 10x7-11x7 prop
3S 2200 -  4000 Lipo

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