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Foam Cuda



Extended Description

If you LOVE the look of the Cuda, but are not quite ready to build or fly a balsa/ply speed demon, then this is the plane for you! 

After a few years of being beat up by customers about wanting these planes, they are FINALLY back in production!  The EPP Cuda airframe is tough as nails!  If you do break it, a little hot glue will have you back in the air in a few minutes.  I have a shelf full of lonely airplanes looking for good homes.  (yes, we will send them to bad homes too).  Place the order, spend an hour or so building the airplane, slap some color on it and take it to the field.  Your buddies will love seeing it fly as much as you will enjoy flying it.

This Cuda is hotwire cut at our super secret facility in Juniata, Nebraska (well, it used to be secret but I cant keep my big mouth shut).  The motor mounts are laser cut and simple to assemble and attach. 

Speed is approx 75mph on the recomended power system with unlimited vertical climbing ability.

All EPP Foam, hot wire cut fuselage and wings
7mm carbon fiber wing
Dubro 2/56 Kwik link control rods
Plastic control horns
Laser cut coroplast vert stab and hatch cover
Laser cut motor mount kit
Silly grin on your face while flying is sold seperatly.

12g MG servos
1950kv HK "Funfighter" outrunner
7x4 prop
3S 2200 lipo

Link to build video:

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