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26" 'Cuda

26" 'Cuda

We'll make you a deal. You send us money and we'll send you a box of sticks cut special to build a 26" speed demon. You're going to love it, I promise.

35" 'Cuda

If you happen to be of the opinion that size matters maybe you should buy the 35" Cuda'. Same deal as before, money for a box of sticks, but this one will build a 35" 'Cuda. You'll still love it though.


Winner of the Best New Aircraft award at SEFF 2016. No, you're not losing your mind, this REALLY is a TWIN motored Cuda! 39.5" up to 50.5" wingspan, 128MPH and some of the most fun flat spins you'll ever do


If you have been looking for a giant flying cow this is as close as you are going to get. Nothing gets attention like Gia-Norman, and I'm pretty sure this is the only plane on the market that can get it's landing gear from a Power Wheel.


Have you heard of these multi-rotor things? My friends tell me they are kind of a big deal. This one is Laine's favorite because it comes with an unlimited license to say "SQUEECH!" whenever you please.

No actual license included with purchase. Laine's Planes is not responsible for what people do to you if you actually say "SQUEECH!" too often.

Sport Fury

Laine's first DTF (Dollar Tree Foam) model is a fast little delta with a symmetrical air foil. This little guy can both "Whip" and "Nae-Nae", or so I'm told.

Tool Caddy Kit

Tool Caddy Kit

This nifty little glue and tool caddy was designed to clean up my work table. It does the job quite nicely! I got a wooden nickle that says it will work on your bench too!

RB Jigs

12 piece Alignment Jig Set
With Pin Holes

These extremely handy little buggers were designed by Rick Briggs (Thanks Rick!). Such a simple idea that works exceedingly well! Why didn't we think of this sooner? Perfect for making sure your balsa or foam build goes together perfectly straight every time

RB Jigs

12 piece Alignment Jig Set
With 1/4" Magnet Holes

The RB Jigs have been such a hit we decided to make them available with 1/4" holes for magnets.

PC Rib jigs

Tired of not KNOWING your wing ribs and other parts are perfectly vertical? Laines Planes is coming to the rescue with this really slick "PC Rib Jig". They are so nifty we named after the fella who asked for them, "PC Phil".

Solder Caddy Kit

I can NEVER find my rolls of solder (or anything else for that matter)! Well, that is not a problem, for me anyway, because now I know exactly where its at, all the time!

Wall Mount/ Desktop Solder Caddy Kit

A Laine sized solder caddy with holes for mounting it to things.

Delux Solder Caddy Kit

It's extra cool. One might call it delux, in fact, we do.

R.C. Pixel

The wait is over. Light up the sky with style. If Laine knew enough about computers to use one he would put one of these on everything he flew, but he is Laine, so you get what you get.

Covering Stand

REVOLT! Revolt against tripping over your rolls of covering scattered all willy-nilly about the shop floor or watching them roll off the work bench while you iron down that one little piece of trim.

Desktop Tool Organizer

Desktop Tool Organizer

If I was you, I'd just buy two of them right off the bat. Because you know your buddy is going to want one as soon as he see's yours.