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Para Cuda Add on Kit



Extended Description

If you really want to blow peoples minds, show up to the field with this beast! This thing is a hoot to fly and the sound at full throttle is amazingly cool. The ParaCuda add on kit is the twin motor version of the 'Cuda. You can fly your Cuda as normal, or add the center wing and 2nd fuselage.  It takes about 5 minutes to swap from a twin to a single or vice versa.  The flat spins will make you giggle like a 12 year old school girl (bonus points if you dress like one when you fly it).   Radar says 128mph in level flight with the standard HET Typhoon 4W motors on 4S. 

Here is the down side.  Its a pain to launch by yourself.  I  highly suggest having a buddy toss it for you or mod it for a bungee.  Once its in the air, the sound, speed and fun factor is through the roof!

Wings and fuselages for both the 26' and 35" span Cudas are interchangable.  This means you can fly your Para-Cuda with either the 26" wings mounted or the 35" wings.  Try them both sometime, but I would make sure you have matching wings.  It might fly funny with a 26" wing on one side and a 35" wing on the other.  But hey, what do I know.

 Everything needed to build an extra fusalage and the parts to make a 10.5" center wing section.

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